Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kiwi Crates

As a full-time-work-outside-the-home mom, I always feel as if I have to make those precious moments with my son count. I commute to work so I typically get home around 5pm.  Dinner is at 6:30pm and bedtime is between 7:30-8:00pm. That doesn't leave a lot of time for quality moments.  I love to spend that time together doing crafts or activities or reading books. On days when I am particularly tired, it's hard to come up with things to do.  That is why I love Kiwi Crates. I just started subscribing to this service before Christmas.  Each month, a box is delivered to our door that has a particular theme and two activities.   Our last two crates focused on Space and the Ocean.    Noodlebug and I absolutely LOVED the Space activity where you make your own rockets and launch them off a straw. We had contest to see who could launch their rockets farthest down the hall.

Here is a sample activity from the Color crate:

The activities can focus on art, creative play or science activities.  The best part is that the crate contains just about everything you could possibly need for each activity down to the colored pencils and scissors. So, no running around trying to gather materials! I can just open the box and we can get to work!

At $19.95 a month, it may seem like quite an expense but I have to tell you the activities are truly quality experiences and having all the materials at your fingertips saves time and money. No going out and buying a giant bag of pipe cleaners when you only need two for the activity.   What really sold me was the fact they won a MAKER FAIRE Educator's Award.  I haven't been disappointed so far!

Can't wait to see what this month's box will bring!

Read more about Kiwi Crates and see sample boxes here.

(The opinions in this review are all my own. 
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