Friday, February 3, 2012

Team Ashley Auction

I have mentioned Lil Blue Boo many times on my blog.  I absolutely love Ashley. She makes me laugh every single time I read her blog.  Ashley is fighting a very difficult and invasive kind of cancer right now. The amazing thing about her is that she maintains her sense of humor and hope and works very hard to help the people around her. Every time I get a case of the "woe is mes," I head over to Ashley's blog to remind myself how good I have it and how blessed I am. If I had an ounce of Ashley's hope, joy and sense of humor, I would be a very lucky woman indeed.

Some of Ashley's friends will be putting on an auction to help raise money to cover Ashey's medical bills.  In spite of the profound and difficult treatments she is going through, Ashley has fought to keep her online store open not only to earn money but also to keep her employees employed in jobs they so greatly need. A little extra money would take some of the pressure off so she can focus on healing.

I have gotten so much out of Ashley's story, creative inspiration and daily dose of humor that I want to give back.

Read more about her story and the auction here.  I'll be there.  How about you?

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