Sunday, February 26, 2012

Right Around the Corner

Tonight, we'll be ordering Chinese food, eating movie-themed gourmet cupcakes and watching the Oscars.  I'm rooting for THE HELP and THE ARTIST. 

The weather has been so nice that my husband is taking the opportunity to put out some Spring/Summer bulbs in our difficult flower beds. Hopefully, something will grow. The daffodils did!

I was so inspired (and so impatient to wait for real ones), I decided to break out my Spring comforter filled with flowers.

I have three different comforters that I switch out with the seasons.  It's a small way of making yourself feel as if you have a brand new bedroom. 

It really feels as if Spring is right around the corner!

Guess I better get some Spring cleaning done.

(I'm actually typing this from my workroom-in-progress.  It seems as if I make a lot of progress only to find more boxes to unpack which, inevitably, makes a mess again. Someday, this will be a functional workroom and I can get back to crafting!)

1 comment:

Auntie Bliss said...

So so so pretty! I LOVE poofy comforters like that.
Years ago I planted some bulbs and they have bloomed and bloomed in my heart shape garden!