Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Create Club

(I chose the chicks because Petaluma is known for its chickens)
Some of my friends are naturally crafty. My friend Monique does everything from mixed media to knitting. My friend Danielle is a wonderful quilter.  My friend Kim is also a very talented multi-crafter. 

Some of my friends come VERY reluctantly to the worktable.

I believe that everyone needs time to do something creative.  It can be extremely freeing and relaxing. 

So, I decided to reinstitute our crafty get-togethers here in Petaluma. 

Our first meeting of the newly minted CREATE CLUB will happen this weekend.  I work in a library and we often have to discard and recycle books that are too beat up or out of date. I have been fishing some of the older hardcover ones out of the bin in order to repurpose them as journals.  So, this weekend we will be pulling apart old dusty books in order to turn them into new lovely journals.  The perfect craft to kick off the new year, don't you think?

Check back here for photos after the weekend!

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