Monday, July 18, 2011

5 a Day Books: Steven Kellogg

Today, I am linking up with Imagination Tree's 5 a Day Books scheme.  Each week, you decide on a five books to read with your child every single day that week.  When I am organized, I actually have a theme.  I loved author Steven  Kellogg as a child and I tested the waters with Noodlebug with his book THE MYSTERIOUS TADPOLE a week ago.  Noodlebug loved it so much that we filled his library bag with Steven Kellogg books for this week.

So far, Noodlebug's favorite is PINKERTON, BEHAVE!  He is fascinated by the bad guy robber in the book.  I am always captivated by the detail in Kellogg's illustrations.  So wonderful!!!

I encourage you to check out the Imagination Tree blog.  Anna is a former early education teacher and lists wonderful preschool activities every single day. I always find so much inspiration on her blog!!!

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Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

Thanks for joining in our challenge and the lovely words about my blog! I have never heard of Stephen Kellogg so you have introduced me to some new books- thank you!