Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holly Abston Bag----DONE

Remember that cute Holly Abston fabric?  Meet Noodlebug's new swim tote!!!

I ordered the fabric in a canvas-like material and lined the inside with iron-on vinyl.  I chose some cotton blue webbing for the handles and just did a very basic tote. There are dozens of good tote tutorials online.  My one recommendation is to make sure and do the great square corners to make the bottom nice and flat.  It looks a little wrinkled because the downside of iron-on vinyl is that it tends to wrinkle when you turn your project inside out. Still, I think it will make a great swim bag for our next round of swim lessons that start tomorrow.  And maybe we'll take it to the beach on Friday!!!


Jenny said...

That fabric is so cute! What an adorable bag!

Holly Abston said...

OH my gosh! I am so excited that you used my fabric! This is such a great idea for a swim bag. I want one! Thank you so much for sharing this post for me. Is it OK if I link to it on my facebook page? LOVE this!