Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to School with MasterLock

I can't believe the new school year is almost upon us!!!  I just love Fall and I used to love buying school supplies and back to school clothes.

Master Lock is asking bloggers for the best piece of advice that one can offer to students and fellow parents for surviving the new school year.

My personal favorite bit of advice is to help your kids plan out their weekly wardrobe the weekend before.  You can use those hanging fabric cubbies or rod dividers to put together complete outfits.  That way, kids can grab the appropriate outfit for each day and save time.  No fumbling around each morning and wasting time deciding what to wear!!! It's also helpful to get everything that will be needed each day packed up and by the front door the night before.

I have used Master Locks since middle school but they have gotten really fancy! Check out these new styles!!!!

Love the colors and streamlining!!!! Find out more about Master Lock on their Facebook page.

I only wish Master Lock could help me come up with a way to remember my locker combination. I always forget when I'm at the gym standing in front of my locker in a towel.

(I am posting about Master Lock as part of the Mom Bloggers Club Master Lock back-to-school prize pack giveaway)

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