Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fifth is Wood

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe.  I never thought I would get married much less have children and now, only five years later, everything has changed.

My husband and I always enjoy trying to come up with creative gifts that go along with the traditional anniversary gifts.  The traditional gift for a fifth anniversary is wood.

I knew exactly what I had to get. One of Heidi's beautiful signs:

Heidi has been a blogging friend for many years and it makes me happy to look at this sign and think of the care and good wishes that she put into making it.  Get your own here.

My husband loves to cook and grill. In fact, I hardly ever get to cook!  I decided to get him a personalized cutting board to use out by the grill and I found this great one at Red Envelope.

He REALLY surprised me this year with his creativity and thoughtfulness.  When I was growing up in Texas, it was still the tradition to sit outside on your porch or in your yard in the Summer months and watch the sun go down while you visited with your neighbors.  I don't have my dream house with the wraparound porch yet but I still love to rock.  When I went in our backyard, I found this:

Isn't it lovely?!  What a nice surprise!!!  And tomorrow, we will get to have fireworks in celebration of our anniversary.  Well.....and the anniversary of our country of course!

Have a wonderful Fourth!!!


Heidi said...

Congratulations on 5 years and a vey BLESSED and happy anniversary! I love the personalized cutting board---so neat and absolutely perfect for the 5th gift! Your rocker rocks! Bet you sit in it and close your eyes, relaxing and dreaming of the next five years! Hugs! Heidi

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Doll! I love that you are so thoughtful and traditional :) The chair is beautiful and I love the cutting board and sign too :)

Have a great week.....xo

Gary said...

Super, super cool. Congratulations to you both!