Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soul Restoration Book Cover

I am a very uptight crafter. In fact, when I first learned how to knit, my teacher looked at me knitting and said, "You're a very tightly wound person, aren't you?"  I guess I knit very intensely.

I am not very free-form in my aesthetic.  I seem to unconsciously seek out right angles and straight edges.  I am a terrible collage-maker because I can't let go and just place things willy-nilly. When I paint, I get nervous if things don't have well-defined edges.  I'm sure there is lots of fodder for therapy in all of this. Probably reveals something about my need for control.

Anyway, I needed to make a cover for my Soul Restoration book. Here it is:

I visualized my soul house as a painting that is closed for restoration/refurbishment.
I hope this course will get me to loosen up a bit in my creativity.  We'll see.

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Gary said...

I love it. Nicely done, Amy.