Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sew Liberated's Reversible Cape--DONE

I just finished the Reversible Cape from GROWING UP SEW LIBERATED.  The hardest part was piecing together the pattern!

I headed to Joann's armed with coupons and bought a nice linen-like red cotton for one side and a silky black for the other side.  I was thinking he could do lots of pretend play with this combo:  a boy version of Little Red Riding Hood, a magician, a prince, a Jedi knight (even though he knows nothing of Star Wars right now).  I used a hair elastic and button from one of my old coats to finish it off.

I used the small size of the pattern but added four inches to the length and I rounded the hood a little bit.


Jenny said...

Great fabric combo! He looks happy with it!

Gary said...

Wow, nice job, Amy! Very impressive. Aidan looks pretty jacked about it!

Kim said...

How cute is that? Don't worry, the Star Wars phase is coming. It just hit our house this summer, with a vengeance!