Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wanna Hear a Secret?

Okay, here it is.....

I love dressing up.  I am the girl that used to go to local Renaissance festivals and dress up in a corset and chemise or a gypsy girl costume.  Back when the "Tomb Raider" movies came out, I meticulously pieced together a costume and wore it to every costume-themed event for the next year.  I also had a "Matrix" costume but it was hard to wear because that latex was so darn hot! 

I'm a bit older now and a bit (well....a lot) heavier so I am more conservative in my costumes these days.  A few years ago, I joined the local Woman's Club.  We have themed events once a month that always have an opportunity for costumes. This year, we have a Depression-era event in September, a "Mad Men" themed event in November and a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in March. I am already scheming and I have started hitting my local vintage shop searching for plus-sized period dresses. 

Before all of that, however, there is a big event coming to my little town in two weeks. The Rivertown Revival.  This fundraiser was new last year and brought out all the costume groupies in town.  The theme was a sort of Victorian carnie/Steampunk style. I have been wanting to try my hand at a Steampunk costume for awhile so I have been slowy collecting pieces over the last year.

Here is the corset I got on Etsy from Damsel in this Dress:

(photo borrowed from and owned by Damsel in this Dress)

Obviously, I am doing the plus-size version.  I also have a simple brown bustle-skirt coming from Clockwork Couture:

(photo borrowed from and owned by Clockwork Couture)

I already have a simple tie-neck blouse and a pith helmet along with some Victorian looking boots.  I plan to be a Victorian-era explorer.  I am dressing Noodlebug up in an old-fashioned newsboy outfit.  Hopefully, I can pull this all together by July 30!  I wish I could say that I am making my outfit but this requires a degree of skill that I just don't have.  Thank goodness for Etsy!

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Nikella said...

You are going to look amazing!