Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ART IS YOU...Petaluma 2013

ART IS YOU is coming back to Petaluma!!! This will be my third year attending.  The retreat will be from September 25th through 29th and they have some really great workshops already lined up.

I will be taking Sharon Payne Bolton's 2-Day "Between the Pages" class:

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And I will be taking Cathe Holden's "Petaluma Petals" class:

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For all you Cathe Holden fans, (and who ISN'T a Cathe Holden fan?) she is also doing a class on making shelf paper rosettes based on her forthcoming book.

Registration for Petaluma opens in early February.  See a list of workshops here.

If you can't make it to Petaluma, they also have ART IS YOU retreats in Nashville and Stamford.  But who doesn't want to come and make some great art in California wine country?!!!

I'll be volunteering on the days that I am not taking classes.  So, if you come, you'll probably see me at the registration desk.  In addition to all the great classes, there are other fun events and things to do including the ever-popular HALLOWEEN AND VINE show and the ART TRUNK event. 

If you decide to register, please let me know so I can look for you!!!

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Tami said...

This retreat sounds amazing! I love the book class - in favt I live all the classes. Too bad I'm in Nebraska :) Have fun!