Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Eve Activities

We love a good puppet show.  Last year, a local community center did a whole series of puppet shows and we got season tickets. It was wonderful!!! My son was especially enamored of the shadow puppets.  So, he was excited when Santa brought him a whole set of shadow puppets including a shadow puppet "theater." 

On New Year's Eve, we stayed home as a family and Noodlebug treated us to a shadow puppet performance:

It was so great!!!  I'm thinking I may have to track down more shadow puppets now.  We also played a great new game that my husband got Noodlebug for Christmas.

This game is surprisingly fun and challenging for the whole family. I think Noodlebug's particular skill is going to be in spatial intelligence so this is a great game for him.  I highly recommend it.  

In other news, I am getting a late Christmas/early birthday gift from my mom and I couldn't be more excited. 

I lusted after this Alice + Olivia bike when it came out as part of the Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration but there was no way I could afford the $500 price tag.  Now, the entire collection has been marked down 70% so my mom bought the bike for me.  Now, Noodle and I can go on a bike ride together!!!

What is YOUR favorite holiday gift that you received?


Angie said...

I LOVE Blockus!We just have the small board, for two people, but it can get quite challenging!

Chidori said...

Awesome bike! The girl with a bike covered with big pink roses loves it!!