Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rubber Stamp Art

Here is my latest Life Book 2013 creation:

We were supposed to use our rubber stamps on white paper, cut out the images and then collage.  I forgot that step of the assignment. Still, it was an interesting exercise. This is meant to be a self-portrait.

I am really loving this class. Usually, I get overwhelmed by online classes and never manage to finish them. I love that this class only has one assignment per week.  Much easier to do. And I already seem to have all the materials for the assignments. It's not too long to join the class!!!


Angie said...

What a lovely piece! :) I am loving these classes too, and must admit I spent more time on this "quick" assignment than the other two hehe. I didn't have many stamps, so I ended up finding "stamp images" online and printing them out in black and white. I think it's nice that everyone takes their own approach to it and gives a fresh outlook about the obtaining the objectives of the course.

Amy said...

Angie--I'm really enjoying the course too. It is actually REALLY hard for me to wait for the next assignment to show up each Monday! I hope I can continue to keep up. I enjoy seeing how everyone interprets each assignment!

Thanks for dropping by!!!