Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project FAIL

Awhile back, I saw some wonderful Subway Art that Meg Duerksen did at one of her craft weekends and discovered that you could get a kit to make one through Poppy Seed Projects.  I have been trying to get my workroom in order and thought this would be the perfect thing to brighten it up.

This is what the project was SUPPOSED to look like:

(image source)

A nice worn/vintage looking piece.

Here are some views of my disaster:

I didn't even bother sanding it down. It just looks terrible.  The vinyl stencil pulled up a lot of the paint and the whole thing is a rotten mess.  I'm not sure what to do at this point. The stencil is ruined as it is a one-time-use sort of thing.  I'm not even sure going over the ruined areas with fresh paint would help. At this point, I'm thinking of gessoing over the whole piece and using it for another art project some other time. Such a disappointment!!! I was really looking forward to having this lovely piece in my workroom.

I guess you win some and you lose some in the arts and crafts world.


bluemuf said...

Amy, I think it looks good. You wanted worn and vintage and it is. I would hang it as is, or if you wants touch up the yellow.

Either way I would keep it.


Amy said...

K--It actually looks much worse in person. There are all these peelies everywhere and a lot of the yellow came off. I'm going to touch up a few spots and then sand it and see where I stand.